The Science Behind Pro Shot:

Pro Shot was designed to provide maximum comfort, allow proper hand position on the ball and maintain freedom of movement. The patented Pro Shot is a neoprene, lightweight band that fits snug over the four fingers of the player’s hand(s) while creating optimal finger spacing. This spacing allows the player to shoot, pass and dribble effectively during use. See our testimonials page for reviews on the product.

There is no one size fits all for effectively shooting a basketball. We are not going to tell you how to set your feet, shoulders, or elbow. The aspect of shooting that concerns Pro Shot is the finger spacing on the basketball and the release off the fingertips. Shooting coaches teach releases from pointer finger, middle finger or between the two. Pro Shot ensures consistency by giving you the same finger spacing on every shot (both shooting and guide hands).

Consistency —> Confidence —> ↑ Shooting %

ProShot Shooting Band Training

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